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-Love Letters from the Tribe&

Inspiring & Incredible Journeys: Will YOU Be Our Thriving Collective's Next Success Story?

JOHN - Turned a no-income situation into a remarkable $45,000 within just 30 days!

Check out this incredible video snippet of John, a proud I.A.M. Earth Academy student!

Witness how he turned a no-income situation into a remarkable $45,000+ within just 30 days.

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"I lucked into finding Petra scrolling through Facebook. Attending her workshops has been the best “yes” I’ve said in a long time. Petra has a unique, warm, bright, humorous and welcoming style that embraces wherever you are on your journey and gives you an easy access on-ramp to get up to speed to join the flow. Then...once you are on, its pedal to the medal with the sunroof open! But worry not, she gives practical tangible solutions for navigating and you can travel at your own speed. Plus, the uplifting community she has built is encouraging and will help you along the way. Give yourself the gift of Petra’s devoted spirit, practices and teachings."

musician manifesting success in business

Mia Adams​

Amelia Pastiche Design (Etsy)

Christina Manifested 33,000 SEK Using the Powerful SBE Methodology!
law of attraction money manifestation testimonial

Kate Aimed to Manifest €1,000, & Two Days Later, €2,470 Showed Up!

IAM Earth Academy money manifestion

Damaris' First Month: $2,000+ Success, Starting with Her First $1,000

Step-by-step guide on how to manifest your dreams

Ilzite's Achievement: Driving a Brand-New Car After Putting in the Work!

Abundance & alignment manifestations

Adrienne's Success Story: Winning $1,000 within Weeks of Joining!

 Update: A $1,200 Check Arrived on Nov 16th.

manifesting lottery win with Petra madisa

Update: Another $200 Out of the Blue for John, Adding to His Already Impressive Accomplishments!

Susan's Holiday Success: 4x More Buyers and a Manifestation to Work with Me!

entrepreneur manifesting success in business

"Yeeeesss the 3rd WIN WIN WIN! I am so happy 2.189! Thank you all for this beautiful energy in this group..."


how to colapse timelines and manifest fast
testimonial for manifestation retreat
Manifestation superpowersAligned manifestation and pregnancy
synschonicities and alignment work
Subconscious reprogramming with the quantum leap codessetting and manifesting goals with a petra madisa

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